Custom Valances in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX


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Custom Valances to Enhance Your Window Treatments

You have taken considerate time and paid close attention to detail in finding the perfect window treatments for your home. You went through countless fabric swatches choosing just the right color and pattern. You visited our store to sample firsthand the numerous types of blinds, shutters, and shades that are available, and weighed your options carefully. You had expert measurements taken, and opted for professional installation. But now you’re looking at your new window coverings, and you’re thinking, “What’s missing?” The answer: elegant custom window valances.

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Why Valances?

While window coverings are both decorative and functional in their own right, they can tend to look a little flat, especially venetian blinds when left untouched. Not only that, but the hardware at the top isn’t exactly flattering. What window valances can offer is an attractive covering at the very top of your windows that further dresses up your treatments. While purely decorative, a valance’s aesthetic function is to add depth and form to your interior, which it does by coming away from the window by a few inches. Available as either a fabric-covered cornice that surrounds the top of your window treatments, or a loose fabric hung on rings or a rod, valances build on the foundation of your window coverings to add another dimension of character. They are a charming addition to any home—the cherry on the top of any interior design.

Our Custom Valances

If you need a window valance to complement your treatments, then look no further than Read Design Window Fashions in Plano, TX. Our family of window treatment experts have 25 years of combined experience, and we are constantly pushing ourselves to improve our quality of service and business. We will work with you side-by-side to determine exactly where and how you can benefit from window and curtain valances. We can help you choose your fabric and the style that would best complement your interior design scheme.

Schedule a consultation through our contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We can’t wait to create custom window valances that are uniquely you!