From side panels to shower curtains to full operating drapery panels, if you need it - we can make it! Our custom window treatments are hand made with the best liners, blackout or light filtering, and thread so they will last a lifetime! We have thousands of fabrics to choose from, but our designers will make it easy for you with our expertise and ability to match a style to a personality.

Custom Window Curtains in Southlake, TX


Full Service Custom Curtains and Drapery

Here at Read Design Window Fashions, we are dedicated to providing your home with the window treatments you need. Among the many services we provide, our custom curtain and drapery service is intended to give you a sense of ownership over your window treatments. Choosing custom curtains means your windows—which are the focal point of any room—are treated with unique coverings that speak to your style and personality.

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There are several reasons to dress up your windows with custom curtains. The first of which is the most obvious, in that custom curtains literally “dress up” your windows, by giving them a flash of style with colorful, patterned fabrics that draw the eye and give your home a touch of charm. The major benefit of choosing custom drapery is that you get the final say in style, color, and pattern. Our wide range of fabrics provide you with thousands of options, and our experienced designers can help you choose the right material for your windows depending on your needs. For instance, heavier weights are best for curtains that will be drawn frequently, such as in bedrooms and living rooms, considering they are less prone to wear and tear. On the other hand, sheer fabrics are great for smaller windows and side panels that see little action.

Of course, there’s more to custom curtains than fashion; there is a function to them as well. The biggest benefit is the way curtains help to control how much light enters your interior. Whether it’s blackout drapes for the bedroom, or glare-defeating curtains in the den, you need a way to filter out sunlight for your daily needs. Not only that, but UV protection is important in maintaining the rich, vibrant colors of your interior paint and furniture, and from unnecessary damage to your skin. Custom window dressings can also help block out sound from noisy streets or neighbors. Lastly, your curtains and drapes can assist in insulating your home, keeping your interior warm during colder winter months, and cool during the hot Texas summers.

For full service custom curtains and drapery that look gorgeous and provide numerous working benefits, get in touch with the family team at Read Design Window Fashions in Plano, TX. We can’t wait to show you what we can do to enhance the look and feel of your home.

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